One Day Forex Training Courses in Manchester

Alpha Trading Floor offers a one-day course pitched at newcomers to Forex trading in Manchester twice a year. This award-winning, certified Beginners Course on Forex Trading allows even the least experienced to absorb the key concepts and strategies of a Forex trader.

We’ll look at how you can get started as a trader whether full-time or around your existing employment from anywhere in the world, becoming a Commodities, Global Currency, or Stock Trader operating online.

A course manual and attendance certificate are provided, and attendees also receive lifetime access to our Pro Chart Setup a series of video tutorials showing you how to access, download, and setup charting software using our template. A little while after the course we’ll provide a Live Market Analysis Webinar at which you can brush up on your skills, and an optional Coaching Call to look at your specific needs.

Our One Day course is an excellent start, and can be augmented by subscribing to our Online Financial Trading Course or built on with the famous 12 Week Forex Training & Mentorship Program.

The One Day Course costs £132.50 (excluding VAT) and consists of six modules as well as all the long-term benefits listed above.

We cover:

  • The Forex industry, its jargon, its major players, regulations, and trading hours.
  • Analysis methods of proven value to financial traders and how to apply them in real market conditions, as well as the four technical indicators we consider to be of most value, as well as how to interpret them.
  • Our preferred trading strategies, as well as the only two entry techniques for trading the markets, and how to build your own strategy out of the core trading factors.
  • Money management, most notably containing risk and compounding growth, but also including risk/reward ratios in these markets.
  • Trading platforms and accounts, showing you how to open up a live trading account as well as introducing you to trading platforms, how best to use them, and preparing you to make the most of our Pro Chart Setup going forward.
  • Trader psychology, showing you how to monitor your own state of mind and avoid making rash decisions as well as leading you through how many traders think and the ways you might take advantage.