One Day Beginners Course in Forex Trading in Birmingham

An award-winning, certified course in Forex trading for beginners is run twice yearly in Birmingham by Alpha Trading Floor to cater to people throughout the Midlands interested in Forex trading. Over the course of the day, you’ll go through six modules covering all the fundamentals of trading and how to apply them in a successful strategy, and just as importantly, how to set yourself up for Forex trading.

After the course is complete you’ll know how to start trading as a Stock, Commodities, or Global Currency Trader full time or alongside other employment and many of the pitfalls to avoid. You’ll also have your course manual, a certificate of attendance, and ongoing access to our Pro Chart Setup.

Pro Chart Setup is a series of video tutorials showing you how to download charting software and configure it in ways you’ll be familiar with from the course, allowing you to start monitoring the markets for yourself with an eye to what you need immediately.

The course costs £159.00 (including VAT) and will stand you in good stead as your new career begins. It is followed by a complementary Live Market Analysis Webinar which will help you ensure the lessons you’ve learned have stayed with you.

It has been independently certified as conforming to Continuous Professional Development, and taking this course is worth 5 CPD credits.

We have also been regularly independently reviewed. You can read through these here for a deeper sense of what we offer.

After taking this course, consider supplementing it with our online financial trading course or, if you see a future for yourself in this, you might even want to head down to London for our 12-week Forex Training & Mentorship Program.

The Birmingham course will help you:

  • Learn how to trade the markets
  • Interpret and understand currency charts and market technical indicators
  • Limit risk to 1% of your account while maximising profitability

With only two days per year spaces on our award-winning program are always at a premium. Sign up today to be sure of a place.