Beginners Forex Trading Course in Bristol

An award-winning, CPD-certified training course for Forex trading runs in Bristol twice yearly for a day each time, orchestrated by Alpha Trading Floor, a Forex training firm with a strong track record.

During the day itself, trainees will progress through six modules which lay out the fundamentals of Forex trading, how to enter the market, and how to incorporate the fundamentals into a strong strategy going forward.

In addition to this, however, you get more support going forward.

You’ll receive a course manual of 100 pages covering all the material in the six modules and allowing you to review it at your leisure; a certificate of attendance and a CPD certificate worth 5 points on Continual Personal Development schemes and ongoing access to our Pro Chart Setup videos, which will help you set up charting software in the easy-to-follow configuration we’ll have taught you to use.

Along with that, we offer a Live Market Analysis Webinar after the event to help you hone your skills and confirm to yourself you now have the tools you need, and even an optional Coaching Call which you can use to get help on any specific issues which have arisen.

If you feel the need for more advice after that, too, there are two excellent options; we offer a Private FX Training & Mentorship package and, in London, we have the 12 Week Forex Training & Mentorship Program which runs four times a year.

With proper training such as is provided on Alpha Trading Floor courses, Forex trading can be a full-time career or a profitable sideline alongside another job. With everything you need to get started and to avoid the most common pitfalls, the one-day course is a perfect way to get started whichever of these avenues you choose.

A place on one of these twice-yearly courses can be yours for £159.00 (including VAT)), but as one of the best ways to train for Forex trading in the South West, there’s always a high demand for these courses so make sure that you book today!